How To Reduce Stress Of Girlfriend

No stress.

It sounds like an ideal that you can never obtain. This fleeting idea of being worry free as a child (remember when it was all so simple?). Before anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation became par for the course. We can find ways to medicate ourselves with anxiety relief pills


Also known as the silent killer, this is as dangerous as it gets in terms of having extreme health repercussions when gone unchecked. We don’t shun eustress, the good stuff that motivates us for our hopes and dreams. We are here to remedy the bad stuff that creates chronic illness, unease, restless nights, and mental anguish that only those that have experienced it know.


That gnawing lump of anxiety. We know it all too well, how do we reach potential while also making it from where we stand? The debilitating effect that has to be experienced to be believed. We don’t have to live like this. We can take control through our daily habits. I can’t tell you how much of an effect daily meditation has had on my ability to step back and relax in many situations that would have triggered me. I learned that anxiety isn’t something that has me, it’s something that I have from time to time but ultimately I am in control!!

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Sleep Deprivation

This alone may be second only to stress to be the most chronic issue that leads to failures in other aspects of one’s life. We lack sleep and we lose productive time. We are irritable and drained along with the nagging residual effects that come along with Stress and Anxiety. And anyone would tell you, the problem isn’t so much the one time we experience these ailments. It’s more connected to the slow battle that takes place, the erosion that eats away at us and leaves us unequipped and unmotivated to deal with our archnemeses. To fight this ongoing battle, we need a clear mind and a rested psyche. It’s been said that meditation can provide that much needed rest more than actual sleep for many people. I’ve found that if I make my living space dark at night (to mimic the natural daylight cycles) I have a better chance of winding down in the evening and ultimately finding time to relax into meditation, which then allows me to relax into deep sleep.How To Reduce Stress Of Girlfriend


I’ve learned through all of it that the best way to meditate is to have accountability. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is through group settings, click here to find out more about Meditation Life’s group. I’ve found that honesty and vulnerability are the best ways to build a daily practice from scratch. The awesome thing about Meditation Life is they never come off as “better than” only as concerned and dedicated to helping.