{Rheumatoid Arthritis} – Mosaic Weighted Blanket

We {need|are in need of} solutions that soothe {painful {muscles or joints|joints or muscles}|joints or {painful muscles|muscles}}. {Rheumatoid Arthritis}. Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis {can|may} be {difficult|hard} sometimes you need {help|assistance} stretching with deep tissue tools and finding relief {while|when} sleeping with the Mosaic weighted blanket.

{I’m|I am} seeing a ton of rave reviews regarding these Mosaic blankets. I {had|needed} to dig deeper and I {found out|discovered} that Mosaics {are specially|are} designed to be 8-12% of your body weight. {We’re|We are} referring to {the {same|identical}|the} {type|sort} {{of low-tech|of} sensory|of} hacks that {give|provide} calm to {{those|people} that {experience clinical|experience} PTSD, anxiety, and also arthritis|arthritis, anxiety, and also {those|people} that {experience clinical|experience} PTSD}. {{Essentially|Basically}, the|The} idea is to give {you the feeling of being hugged or held|you the feeling of being held or hugged|the feeling of being hugged or held to you|the feeling of being held or hugged to you}. {So all {the|of the}|{The|Of the}} {warm and fuzzy|fuzzy and warm} feelings you get from this {type|sort} {of sensory|of} input is replicated {through|via} {an {evenly|equally} distributed|an} {weighted blanket|blanket}. {Most|The majority} of the times you experience {cramping or pain|pain or numbness} in the joints or muscle {it’s|it is} because {you are|you’re} {unable|not able} to relax or stretch that {joint or muscle|muscle or joint}.

This blanket, {gives|provides} the experience of being hugged tight, which is as soothing {no matter|regardless of} your age.

Anyone who {has experienced this {type|sort} of {discomfort|distress} and sought relief|sought relief and has experienced this {type|sort} of {discomfort|distress}} {knows|understands} how frustrating it can be.

So at about $150 for the blanket that {can|could} last years and help {relieve|alleviate} pain and {help me|allow me to} sleep {it’s|it is} a no brainer.

{But beware,|But} not all are {created equally|created} and {only|just} a few are {designed|made} for breathability. Like any {good|great} idea, tons of brands pop up to {offer|provide} {inferior products|products|products that are inferior} {for a {great|excellent} idea.|. }

{Fortunately|Luckily} Mosaic is based here in Austin, TX and they {manufacture|fabricate} here as well. {I’ve|I have} been {seeing|visiting} {{some|a few} negative|{some|a few}} reviews based on the {products manufactured in China|products}. The Mosaic blanket {seems|appears} to be {one of|among} the most relevant early adapter {to|into} the {trend|fashion} and we absolutely love the quality and variety they offer.

I recently went to Minnesota {for|to get} a wedding and the 30 degree weather made me wish I had my Mosaic blanket with me. Might have weighed {my carry-on down|down my carry-on} a {little|bit} too {much {on second|on} thought|much}.

{I’ve|I have} been using mine with my Muse headband and the Gaiam roller. I’ll tell you {that |}stretching {out my problem areas|my problem areas out} has been a {huge|massive} benefit.