White Meditation Pillow

White Meditation Pillow

I first came across the Alexia Meditation Seat in 2017 when first launching Meditation Life. I was an instant fan, ordering my own after being enamored by the sleek modern look. I had to try it for myself so I went ahead and ordered.

It’s been more than 20yrs that I’ve been meditating and I vividly remember longer sessions that led to my legs falling asleep and/or going numb. It never crossed my mind to purchase a seat or change anything about my practice in order to find comfort. In honesty, there was a misunderstanding about overcoming the discomfort as a part of the process of becoming proficient in my meditation practice. I was treating it like working out, I was losing my ability to meditate deeply because I was avoiding the pain of sitting at some point!

Pain Led to Inconsistency

Then I realized, I’d been extremely inconsistent in one of the most important practices I’d ever established. Little by little, my session frequency dwindled down to almost none as I graduated from college and got into the real world.

As a young professional, my anxiety and stress were through the roof even though I had this tool that could have been making the difference all along. Not only was I not meditating, I had forgotten the huge benefit it played in getting me what I wanted up to that point. I had manifested my dream job, I was connected but then I step away from the practice.

Deep Sessions

Anyone who has experienced it knows and craves that a great session in which time falls away and you really experience the profound power that meditation provides. For me, this took consistency and effortlessness that eventually allowed me to access these types of sessions fairly often.

However, that moment that I became less consistent and more stressed, I began trying to force meditation and things quickly became frustrating. Now, I don’t want to assume that you will be able to find stillness in your mind just from using this chair and thus finding bodily comfort. That is only one of the benefits of having this chair.

For me, it’s been more beneficial to use it as a visual cue that kept me consistent and excited to meditate consistently.

Each morning lately, I’ve been sitting it out on my apartment balcony to enjoy sunrise and the ambient noises of downtown Austin. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the creation of this space similar to what some do with their meditation rooms. I don’t yet own a house or have the luxury of having a room dedicated to meditation. I’ve effectively been able to create space for the best habit I’ve ever discovered.

Comfort Leads to Consistency

Maybe you too want to meditate comfortably and consistently. You might want to use this seat and join our community of accountability.

Remove the discomfort and get focused on improving your meditation. This alone was a huge shift, the consistency a result of knowing I’d be comfortable added to the financial investment. In some since, it’s equivalent to joining a gym and purchasing new workout clothing. At some point, you realize you have made commitments and you naturally decide to move forward with it.

Commit to Good Habits

I’ve been wanting to run a marathon. My friends that are seasoned runners suggest I sign-up for a race and this alone will prompt me subconsciously to begin training. I know this works, I know that committing will lead to my success. Anything that you know you should do, but don’t. We can outsmart our excuses, that little voice that keeps us from creating good habits.

Luckily, meditation isn’t painful when you have this seat. Running is going to require me to deal with certain aches and pains as I progress.